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Ebony Eyeliner


28 August
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Currently, I am building a portfolio for modeling.

I'm living by the current quote: "Pain lets you know you're still alive"

"cruel intentions", "hackers", "life as a house", "queen of the damned", "troy", "vindicated", achilles/paris, acoustic guitars, adriana lima, amy lee, angelina jolie, animal rights, anime, anne rice, anorexia, anti-avril lavigne, anti-prep, art, ashlee simpson, baggy pants, black cats, black eyeliner, blood, blyss, body image, bondage, bush, camera whore, cat eye makeup, christina aguilera, clothing deconstruction, collide, converse all stars, corsets, couture, cowboy bebop, crimson lipstick, david gemmel, death, deception, deftones, diablo, diff's lucky day, digital cameras, diy clothing, diy punk, dominic monaghan, drugstore makuep, ebay, ebay auctions, elijah wood, eye colors, fanfiction, fantasy novels, fashion design, fashiontrance, fast cars, flat irons, frost, fuel, full lips, gavin rossdale, gay rights, gisele bundchen, goth, goth culture, gothic beauty, gothic gowns, gothic lolita, greek myths, green tea, guitars, gwen stefani, heatherette, herbal tea, high fashion, hipbones, hot topic, introverted, j.v. jones, japanese fruits, john kerry, kate beckinsale, katy rose, keira knightley, kidney thieves, kissing girls, lace, lace panties, lestat, lifehouse, limecrime, lip service clothing, lipliner, liprings, lord of the rings, madrad hair, mary-kate and ashley, mitsubishi, muse, neon eyeshadow, orlando bloom, paine, photography, piercings, pink hair, pixie cuts, poetry, punk, punk hair, robert jordan, ronin warriors, runway models, runways, shannyn sossamon, shirley manson, skysalt, song writing, stephen dorff, straightedge, stuart townshend, style network, suicide, swear shoes, tarot cards, tazo tea, three days grace, troy, val emmich, vegetarianism, victoria's secret models, video games, vintage clothing, vision of escaflowne, vogue, wicca